Tips on Prepping The Home of yours for any Popcorn Ceiling Removal Project

Popcorn ceilings were really popular again between the 1950s as well as the 1980s. They were inexpensive, and they had been somewhat simple to install. It was basically the standard in homes before, particularly in bedrooms and hallways.

Not only were they cost effective and quickly added, popcorn ceilings were additionally selected since they quickly hid imperfections. There was zero requirement to clean out any weaknesses in the ceiling as the sprayed on material basically covered it. Popcorn ceilings have acoustical traits and therefore are in a position to maintain sound from traveling, that is the reason they had been really well known in bedrooms.

But popcorn ceilings are not favored by buyers and homeowners. In reality, popcorn ceilings now are regarded as unattractive, because it is a big reason a lot of homeowners were continuously removing them from the homes of theirs since the 1980s. And the reality that asbestos is usually present in this material makes removing popcorn ceilings more important.

If you are like several other homeowners on the market who continue to have popcorn ceilings in the home of yours, you have most likely decided it is time for them for use. In that case, it is crucial you generate professionals within the world of popcorn ceiling Metal Roof Repair Near Me removal to get this stuff removed in favor of a significantly smoother, more visually appealing finish.

In order to make this job better, there are several things you are able to do as a homeowner In order to prepare the home of yours for popcorn ceiling removing.

Seal Off the Floors

Let us face it. Popcorn ceiling removal is very messy. Just about all which material that’s being scraped off becomes minuscule dust particles which can get everywhere, including the ducts of yours.

Prior to the popcorn ceilings are eliminated, the floor surfaces need to be totally covered from wall to wall. To do which, you are going to need thick plastic sheets which are then going being taped down at each wall and so the floors are completely covered. Next, you are going to use contractor paper to add an additional level in addition to the heavy plastic so that there is absolutely no possibility of slipping as you work within the region.

The paper can also be placed since it is going to absorb some moisture which can accumulate in the region. To be able to get rid of popcorn ceiling content through the scraping technique, water is going to need being sprayed in addition to the components to soften it. Doing this can make it much easier to scrape the material from. But spraying water on the ceiling also would mean that moisture will ultimately fall onto the floor. By having paper laid atop the clear plastic sheet, the water is going to be effectively absorbed.

Close Off Doorways

To stop the popcorn ceiling substance from making its way into other parts and the hallway of the house of yours, you might wish to shut off any doorways which lead beyond the space. This helps to create the cleanup work a lot easier after the material has been eliminated from your ceiling.

Cover The Furniture of yours

When you want to go out of the furniture in the areas where popcorn ceilings are being eliminated, you’ll certainly need to defend them from each one of those dust particles.

As a result, it’s necessary you deal with every furniture piece. Buy yourself some transparent plastic cover and sheets each piece entirely, like the back. When you do, press each portion against the wall.

You are next likely to go for one more sheet and cover them in another level, but this next you are likely to cover the furniture only in the front. The top part of the clear plastic sheet is taped on the wall just above the furniture to be able to stop some popcorn ceiling information from falling behind the furnishings as it’s being eliminated.

Be sure that both sheets of plastic totally cover the furniture and go right on the bottom. By covering the furniture of yours in this particular manner, almost any popcorn ceiling substance will simply slide right off every piece and onto the floor, with the materials as well as guarding the furniture of yours at the exact same time.

Take the required Tools

As we just pointed out, huge sheets of clear plastic, contractor newspaper, and painter’s tape (to tape on the plastic as well as paper) are required to cover the furniture and also the floor in the home where popcorn ceiling material is now being eliminated. But additionally to these things, you are going to need to collect a couple of other tools to get the task done, including:

• Bucket of h2o – As described above, water is essential to help soften the sprayed on material as well as make it less difficult to eliminate it. As a result, a water supply will be needed.
• Garden sprayer – To be able to use warm water on the ceiling, a gardening sprayer will likely be expected to utilize the water within an even coating across the ceiling, that will be achieved in patches.
• Utility knife – The substance is going to need being scraped, along with a utility blade will likely be expected to actually scrape the substance off of the ceiling.
• Ladder – In order to arrive at the ceiling, a ladder is expected to help reach the surface area when scraping off of the material.
• Cross bench – These help to make a surface area upon what to remain when big pieces of furniture stay in the area, like beds. The cross bench can easily be laid across the foundation and then affixed to some ladder on every side to make a surface area to remain on above the furniture pieces.

While prepping the home of yours for removing your popcorn ceiling content is definitely helpful, the actual task itself must be left to the pros. This particular task is a messy and labor intensive one, and yes it is usually a lot tougher than it sounds. Even after the content have been removed, there’ll probably be imperfections created from all of that scraping. Not just that, but there could be asbestos contained in the content, which is going to make the job a great deal more intricate.

In either case, getting professionals in popcorn ceiling treatment can make things much easier for you and will make sure you are left with nothing but a soft, attractive ceiling not just looks much better, but may also increase the value of the home of yours.

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