The Dark Side of Online Advertising Agencies

Advertising agency started my professional working life as a junior copywriter at the regional office of an international advertising agency. It was fantastic fun and also I found out a great deal regarding copywriting. I additionally, found out, however, concerning the ‘dark side’ of advertising agencies … and also why the search of ‘creative thinking’ for its very own benefit normally causes sub-optimal advertising.

Back then, the business Internet was just starting as well as a lot of ad agency concentrated on producing marketing for the print and broadcast media. Some dabbled in ‘interactive marketing’ and also website style, but also for the most component, these burgeoning tasks were entrusted to upstart web design shops.

Nowadays, the big company networks have either incorporated, or very own separate, web design firms and also online advertising is either used by or with the significant advertising agency brand names. Regardless, internet marketing has actually been elevated to a much higher status by those in the marketing globe, and companies are paying significantly more attention to the Internet as a tool that is only expanding in importance.

All well and good, yet there’s a dark side to the typical advertising agencies embracing online advertising. And that’s bringing their preoccupation with ‘creativity’ to the web.

Now, do not get me wrong, I value and also appreciate imagination. What I saw when I was a junior copywriter, and also later on as an advertising and marketing manager for a huge customer goods company, were advertisement agencies valuing creative thinking for the purpose of creative thinking, instead than to help develop their customer’s brand or market items.

That is not to state that all online ad agencies value creative thinking over effectiveness (as opposed to regarding creative thinking as a means of being effective!) however it’s something to remember when, as an example, thinking about whether to deal with such a company.

Tell-tale indications of an agency that is preoccupied with creativity are a focus on winning awards and also a lack of knowledge of, or lack of confidence towards screening and also metrics.

Place it this way: if individuals wishing to work on your Internet advertising and marketing account – consisting of the copywriter, art director and also most definitely, the account supervisor – give you an empty stare when you ask concerning their company’s testing approach, they are probably not the agency for you!

It’s easy to understand for some clients to desire even more ‘brand structure’ orientated companies, and also others to desire even more ‘direct reaction’ orientated agencies. Different clients will unavoidably desire various type of online marketing campaign.

The nature of the Internet is such that several (if not all) actions to any type of kind of marketing implementation can be gauged. Whether you’re running a straight action ad in order to generate click-throughs and also sales … or more of a brand oriented ad measured aimed at creating ad communications … there’s actually no justification not to determine the effectiveness of an offered advertising and marketing campaign.

Every one of which indicates there’s no location for online ad agency that aren’t curious about testing or metrics. Such firms are operating on the dark side of the business and also, unless you’re prepared to spend for creative thinking over performance, not the kinds of marketing company you wish to be doing business with …

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