The best In Customized Mugs

Customized mugs are a very popular gift and people love receiving these innovative small presents, tailored to represent the taste and character of their owners. These mugs are a good way to capture specific moments or simply to express personal styles. Generally, these mugs are often a little on the expensive side, take some time to ship and also prove hard to change once the layout is selected. There is another option that provides for even more customization, allowing the master to change the mug design as often as he or perhaps she would like. Chalkboard mugs are a great gift option for artists, those who write notes on whatever’s around or love preparing their own models, and mentors.

The first thing that’s important for creating a chalkboard mug is, obviously, the coffee mug itself. You will want to select a tone of mug that will go with the chalkboard paint which will be implemented on it. An inexpensive mug will serve just plus an expensive one, but unless you want one that probably has a design on it make sure you get a plain, solid colored mug.

The next action needed is chalkboard paint. Although this could be found at many art as well as craft stores, it might be somewhat expensive. Fortunately, chalkboard paint is inexpensive and easy making at home. You will want to invest in paint for the project of yours in any colors or color you regard proper. For mugs, the greatest alternative is ceramic or perhaps porcelain paint. Then, you will need to head out for a call to the nearest home improvement store and also grab a couple of non sanded tile grout. To make the chalkboard paint, simply put together one cup of paint with 2 tablespoons of the grout. Mix this concoction properly so that you’ll find no lumps and quickly you are going to have a batch of attractive, inexpensive chalkboard paint in the color or perhaps styles of your choice.

The next thing is easily a question of painting the mug with the chalkboard paint. Feel free to get creative with this step; instead of painting the whole mug with the chalkboard paint, you can use stencils making chalkboard parts of various shapes and sizes for example. The possibilities are nearly endless, and you can even utilize ordinary paint to make designs around the chalkboard area. Be sure to buy a great, smooth coating of chalkboard paint onto the mug. In order to assist the paint set and even bond in the mug, place it within an oven set to low heat for a few of hours. When you pull the mug out and allow it to cool, it is set to be given.
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Because presentation is everything, it’s time to spruce up this unique gift before giving it to the recipient. Probably the most sensible thing you can include with gift plans of this type is a tiny label of chalk, preferably one in colors and styles which are different to allow the recipient to get entirely imaginative with your project. Look at wrapping all areas of the deal in clear gift paper, then simply take it easy and watch the recipient’s face light up with joy.

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