Positive aspects and Drawbacks of Bitcoin


It is a sort of electronic currency. Nobody has some control over it. Being a digital currency, it isn’t printed like rupees, euros or dollars. Yet, they are produced and created by people for various transactions. Increasingly, an increasing number of companies are beginning to use it for a variety of types of activities. This kind of currency is mostly made by applications that could solve complex mathematical problems. After having said something about this digital currency, now is the time to talk about its pros and cons so that people can decide whether they should go for it. In this article, we would be merely listing them for the benefit of our subscribers.


It is possible to ship and receive money at any given time. The time and space factors will not limit the user when he utilizes this currency.

He will be in charge of the cash whilst using this currency. He is not hampered by the holidays and other barriers while performing trade with it.

Advertisers become incapable of charging additional fees on whatever stealthily. Hencethey are made to talk to the customers before levying any fees on the transactions.

All the trades utilizing this electronic will be safe in the online system as the users may encrypt it.

The users can finish the transactions without revealing any private info.

Since the transactions using Bitcoin happen on the internet, they all are well recorded. So, anybody can view the block of transactions. However, the personal information would still be inaccessible to others. Hence, it could be a transparent transaction

The Bitcoin-based transactions are either not chargeable or attract very low fees. Even if billed, that trade will get priority in the network and has implemented extremely fast.

Since there isn’t any tying up of private information with transactions, retailers get protection against potential losses even when a fraud occurs.


This currency network isn’t known to people. Hence, they will need to understand about this digital currency.

To spread the word Bitcoin, the media is necessary. At present, only few companies can use this electronic currency.

Presently, the transactions based on this currency are exceptionally volatile as merely limited number of coins can be obtained.

Due to the massive demand with the digital currency, its value keeps changing daily. It would settle just when the demand stabilizes in the market.

5. Since this digital currency system is currently in infancy state, very few applications are available in the market to make it a secure transaction.

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