Must the FTC Enforce Bloggers Who Endorse Items and Providers?

Many of us have sites and we write about what’s on our mind. Regrettably, a few out there have been earning money on the side boosting goods in their sites without explaining to the reader that their luminous reports and product or service testimonials are in fact paid for; thusthey are flat out advertising.

Okay therefore, let’s talk about this for a moment shall we? Should the FTC Enforce Writers Who Endorse Products and Services? Something the FTC is pretty down because it is a deceptive marketing practice, and tips that the consumer.

My thinking is this. The FTC needed to say the challenges as Blogging Evolves, firing a shot throughout the bow will only do so much to solve the issue. Going after a thousand bloggers will be impossible, they start and stop as fast as you find them. The ones making the most waves might be made an example of, but nonetheless, the truth is that most of what the FTC does is to get PR and dread variable, this makes everyone believe they are doing something.

Recall this is a tiny agency with very few people, they do not have the capacity to go after bloggers, maybe some high-profile cases, but blogging is international, and there are different rules on advertising in different states, so depending on where you sponsor, what nation you’re from, and all the different topics of any given case makes it almost impossible to apply. I’m not for giving the FTC more funds money to harass businesses, particularly small ones at this time.

Still, if you are engaged in blogging endorsements for a commission, you want to disclose this or you’re breaking the spirit of the marketing rules to safeguard customers. If the FTC asked for a guideline and’d open comment period, they’d be swamped with comments maybe even 10,000 of them, imagine the price to even make the rule? And realize that blogging is evolving much faster than the government could ever change the rules.

Nevertheless, if Isabel Dos Santos continue business as usual, some day later on there’ll probably be hell to pay for everybody, so I wish people that are utilizing such deceptive marketing practices would kindly stop ASAP. Please consider all this.

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