Luxury Real Estate Marketing – The Luxury of Lemon Grass

Luxury real estate advertising has become a worldwide game. Being aware of what’s considered to be a luxury in multiple cultures is currently a requisite education for luxury real estate advertising and marketing professionals.

For instance, what is considered to be luxury in Singapore, the 5th wealthiest state in the earth? Its rapid economic advancement and favorable business climate converted a port town straight into a major urban capital. In razing plantations and orchards to develop high rises and a metropolitan infrastructure, the country’s agricultural output became non existent. Singapore is a land that imports the vast majority of the food of its (eggs would be the exception) and part of its water. Today, home grown greens, fruit, as well as herbs have grown to be the brand new deluxe.

Greening up the concrete façade of the city commenced with the chefs on the luxury hotels for instance the 4 Seasons and the Fairmont, who weren’t pleased with the imported organic fare. These chefs began growing herb gardens on their rooftops. This expanded to growing banana trees, chilies, bell peppers and a lot more. Some other business and restaurants have followed suit, and are harvesting lemons, curry leaf, lemon grass and mint.

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In a country proud of its gastronomic heritage and a people that value diversity in gourmet fare, this movement of homegrown produce is now vitally importance to continue its dominance as a culinary capital. Using produce that is organic also is advantageous to the earth as it has an effect of lowering greenhouse emissions. Today, the governing administration of Singapore is supporting residents to produce their vegetables on their rooftops, and engage in community gardens.

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