How Bulk SMS and HLR Lookup Can Enhance Marketing, Campaigns and Advertising

Bulk SMS Services:

Did you realize you are able to save reliably, time, and money achieve your target audience / costumers?

By adding bulk SMS expert services you are able to do all these, whether you lead a small / medium business or an enterprise. It’s the ideal platform to distribute important info immediately to multiple mobile phone users at one click. You are able to change or perhaps compliment your current initiatives by utilizing bulk SMS in ways which are many.

Numerous functionality:

Advertising and marketing, promoting, branding tool; building awareness and attracting new costumers through bulk SMS marketing campaigns. Companies can personalize the sender, the recipient, and the body of each and every SMS transferred to the buyers of theirs, prospects, associates or web visitors.
Mobilising tool for events & projects. SMS is usually extremely successful for mobilising in global and local campaigns. SMS messages are delivered once only or even regularly during the lead up to an event.
Content / data delivery tool; delivering content through SMS and therefore adding value to your company’s existing services.
Inner enterprise communications tool; facilitating communication between business employees and departments. “Didn’t you obtain the memo?”
Basic interface and architecture:

Bulk SMS services make it possible for you to submit bulk SMS via easy HTTP, SMPP, or site interfaces. Moreover you can send individual, group or perhaps bulk SMS, without using some web browser. Messages are quickly forwarded to cellular phone destinations.

Anyone that needs the capacity to broadcast multiple messages concurrently will profit from bulk SMS. Although it also enables individual announcements being sent, its primary aim is making the process of bulk messaging quick as well as uncomplicated. free bulk sms to use interface, combining information management, message development, enables users to type just one message, and broadcast it to a lot of thousands of recipients.


Least cost routing where appropriate
Secure, fast and reliable delivery
Text, binary and Unicode messages
Concatenated and WAP Push messaging
Distribution reports
Mobile Number Portability (MNP)
Large throughput a maximum of several SMS per second
HLR look up services
Premium SMS services
UK-based long inbound numbers
2-way messaging solutions – SIM Hosting
HLR Lookup Services:

The actual time lookup of mobile numbers is enabled by HLR Lookup. This program allows you to discover that a mobile phone number exists and which network it belongs to.


The HLR Lookup service is especially important for states where figures are ported to between mobile operator networks.


The HLR Lookup is a program and that retrieves IMSI and place for a certain mobile phone number (MSISDN). MSISDN is sent and also a query to an operator’s HLR (Home Location Register) is made. Then a result with the status of every number will likely be back. HLR Lookup service enables real time high capacity requests and fast response times.


HLR Lookup validity result
Mobile Country Code (MCC) of network operator corresponding to the cell phone number
Mobile Network Code (MNC) of network operator corresponding to the mobile phone number
Network operator official name corresponding to the cell phone number
Country of network operator corresponding to the mobile phone number

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