Home Church is where There is No Leader

Paul writes to individuals gathered in each town in a household. He addresses major letters not to your single leaders in all those groups of people. He wasn’t dealing with some church leader. Nowadays we have the pyramid leadership model in every denomination. Where did we get this concept? Some argue it came from Paul appointing elders in each and every city and also wrote specific skills for elders, pastors, and the wives of theirs.

They think about this as a device that we have to as well appoint these folks. Nevertheless, we didn’t understand exactly who these individuals were and even what roles they played. Paul still goes on to handle the whole congregation for concerns of discipline and order.

He charges the Corinthian church with the sin of incest. He tells them they need to have sorted out it. He nonetheless calls the whole church to deal with it. It was not a personal letter to any elder or even pastor. The entire church got concerned in anything. House church can copy this specific model very effectively.

We’ve designated certain roles and runs for officers inside the church. The main reason we’ve become an enterprise oriented church especially in America, is since we’re business minded. America is a land of opportunity, so we’re individualistic and independent.

We have the support from the start to do anything we need. The business mindset of joint stock companies flowed into the church very quickly and powerfully.

The church is a location where money frequently flowed in. Depending on economic condition and the size of the church it’s substantial in the majority of churches. The mega church mentality increased with this cash trigger. Tithe became the center point of all churches regardless of denominational differences. Home church won’t pick up tithe.

Luring people to give in order to get a benefit and also to observe God became a force to reckon with. Very soon folks associated the church of theirs with God. God was in their church just. Our church is the true church. They truly thought that this’s the best you can discover in the world.

When you little by little inject the form of indoctrination for years you come across the paid members numb to the idea that God may not be there at all. If God started all these denominations, then to which church do we go? All these church founders claim God spoke to them.

Will God speak to males that are different at times which are different to start out groups which are different with different doctrines and traditions? mall of america church has no program and agenda except to worship and serve God through the Holy Spirit.

Robert Fenn is a house church pastor, preacher, mentor and bible teacher for more than forty years. His writings reflect the personal daily walk of his, struggles, victories and failures. He practices home church concepts from home each day. Likes to share God’s unfailing love, shelter and advice to others throughout the life of his.

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