College Athletic Scholarships – The Good and the Ugly

What a whirlwind of activity surrounds signing day for college walking scholarships all across the country! If it is a major NCAA software, there’s a lot of publicity on signing day. Pictures are snapped as athletes are seen acquiring their pens and signing their letters of intent.

It is a thrilling and fun filled time for the athletes, their friends and parents, their high school coaches, and the entire local community. The regional sports hero has signed with a major time faculty. The fundamental fish in the little pond renders it to the big leagues.

On the plus side, the individual, in case he has gotten a full ride scholarship will have all his college expenditures paid for if he agrees to play his sport of the college sports program he has just signed with.

This’s an absolute boon to the high school athlete along with the family of his.

They are all thrilled out of their minds. The local media hypes the situation to the max. Friends and distant family all get the information via email or Facebook. Everyone expects the local elite student athlete to function as star athlete for the huge faculty sports program he or she has just signed with.

Also, in truth, if all works out like everyone hopes it’ll, the person will get to play the sport of his in college and he will also obtain a college education. With the economy being what it is these days, a full ride athletic scholarship may be the sole method some folks could afford to send the kid of theirs to college.

Nevertheless, and this is the ugly side of college walking scholarships, what if the athlete fails to maintain the grades of his in college? or maybe, what if content or even she gets hurt? Or even, what if a female person gets pregnant? Or even, what if the athlete doesn’t live up to combat expectations?

According to the NCAA, a lot of high school pupil athletes and their parents aren’t aware that their maximum ride athletic scholarship is awarded on a year-to-year basis. Yes, if everything goes right, the individual will get to enjoy four full years, as well as he or perhaps she will get an improved education.

But, what is usually how it is with each of these appetizing plans if numerous items, some of that we’ve just mentioned, really should come about? In lots of situations the scholarship won’t be awarded for the next year.

In some situations, parents are going to be able to pay for the rest of the athletes education, but in too many cases there is only no cash, and also because the athlete has relied on the total ride athletic scholarship so seriously, simply no other financial aid, like academic scholarships have been utilized for. This can prove disastrous to both athletes and their families.

The fact is that, this specific scenario is really frequent for football scholarships, and also for some other NCAA sanctioned sports as well. It happens all the time, as well as it is an essential factor which should be posted on the table before every sports scholarships is accepted.

Parents and high school pupil athletes must think about all options before signing on the dotted line for a college sports scholarship. Read each line of the deal carefully, in case you don’t recognize an item, seek legal support.

If, after taking a look at all options, they opt to go the way of complete ride athletic scholarship, they need to, at the very minimum, have some form of back up plan in place.

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