Body Jewelry – Is It Still Popular?


Have you been at the airport terminal and seen someone with a lot of body and piercings jewelry that they head out the metal detectors? I know it might look funny, but for a few this truly is the case.

In the last fifteen years, body piercing had virtually used over the fashion jewelry scene. It appears that those times have passed, but may be the pattern entirely over?

I think the solution is both of course and no. The times of piercing each body part with jewelry is not trendy, but body jewelry is much more accepted in several regards. Having pierced ears, eyebrows as well as belly buttons aren’t so “out there” as they previously had been.

In most all trendy circles these small jewelry piercings remain extremely popular and will probably remain that way for decades to come. Naturally, certain piercings won’t ever be an accepted standard and that’s most likely a great idea.

Jewelry for the ears will be stylish, and navels and eyebrows providing it’s done within reason without in excess.

Body piercings as well as body jewelry, particularly, have become a way of living for lots of people. In order to believe it is going to go away down the road is false expectation.

Although body jewelry is definitely not for everybody, it does have the place of its in the realm of fashion. Via Shining Light Body Jewelry

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