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If there was a paradise and it happened to be on earth, it was probably designed and built by Antonio Gaudi, and as a side, many of them were probably built manually but as they claim a different story.Image result for Barcelona Travel Tips

So if there is a paradise on earth, it can be in one place, and this is Barcelona because this is where the vast majority of Gaudi’s best buildings are made and for many additional reasons that cannot be crammed into a small article about paradise. On earth.

It certainly goes without saying that Barcelona is crowded with many of the finest architecture in the world, simply check out Sagrada Familia Cathedral and see what a masterpiece it is one of hundreds or even a large number of beautiful buildings in Barcelona but there is plenty for Barcelona; the beach, Barcelona Football Museum Foot, Picasso Museum, Las Ramblas and so on.

It is true that you can spend only a few days examining the buildings of Antonio Gaudi and of course visiting the amazing monster at Park Güel, and we recommend you do this, but you also have to spend time to check out one area or maybe two others as well.

Let’s start at Las Ramblas 1.2 or maybe 1 kilometer that takes you directly from the harbor through the city center, it’s a great area for shopping, and dining to see and see. Life is not boring in Las Ramblas and also the most mundane shops you’ll be prepared for. If the fancy takes you to buy a parrot or pet or maybe already a parrot as a pet, it is the street type.

You must visit the unfinished Sagrada Familia Cathedral, the masterpiece of the illustrious and eccentric architect Antonio Gaudi. Construction started 125 years ago, and they intend to finish it in twenty years or maybe years, no that’s not “too big!” Hinge.’

These days, you can climb to the top of the towers and not just admire Barcelona, but you are able to take a good look at the unreasonable details of the decoration which is one of the main reasons why it took a very long time to build the Holy Family Church.

If you like Picasso, there is one situation you’re likely to go to right away: the Picasso Museum, where there are more than 3,550 works by a genius son in Spain.

This huge collection is located in a few buildings with some medieval palaces. It may also be important to realize that the museum does not accept Monday and costs about eight students to enter.

Now here’s what you think is an unusual entry into the city holiday guide, especially if you like me and hate football – The FC Barcelona Museum.

Undoubtedly considered the largest football museum in the world – and of course, I was shocked to have such a skinny – Barcelona Football Museum is simply what he calls on the box, which is very fun for everyone, even a football travel guide book and even worse those poor souls that are Widows of football

The Barcelona Football Museum seems to be available all the time, and it costs twice as much to get to the Picasso Museum, yet here you get a guided tour.

Let me share a set of suggestions from someone who loves Barcelona. Tourist attractions, museums, and sights are scattered throughout the city, and thus you get a T 10 ticket that will let you go on the bus or even the metro ten times.
Be careful about pickpockets in Las Ramblas Unfortunately, there are swarms of them these days.

Book a hotel very early when you want to visit except Christmas, where Barcelona is quiet unless there is a football match on that.

Barcelona is a year-round tourist destination, not only with people from abroad, the Spaniards love Barcelona for similar reasons we do and of course miles away from the beaches, as well as some serious research when it’s time to book a hotel for you.

Not only do you compare prices but also departure dates can dramatically affect the cost of your hotel room, we recommend you make use of the hotel price comparison site for the best value for money plus it’s best is BookingSpot.

Finally, take your time to go a little further away from the main tourist areas and learn a more traditional pub, restaurant or cafe where locals go. These locations tend to reward the extra distance you’ll travel to because the food will be slightly original and the prices are less “touristy.”

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