Swimming With The Sharks – Tips For Safe Shark Cage Diving

In a few far off exotic, crystal clear, ocean your label is now being called. Are available for an exciting, adventurous dive! It’s the kind of vacation most are way too fearful to dare.

I am discussing a shark dive. It could appear outrageous and frightening initially, but there’s a great deal you can do to ensure a safe dive.

To begin with, a scheduled shark dive will constantly be with a qualified and trained crew. They will operate a boat with the proper facilities and tools.

But do not simply select a company at random. Be sure you seek information first.

Things to consider…

1. How long has the organization been around? Has the business enterprise been in business only a couple of days, a few years or maybe more? Experience shows you that the organization probably has a program installed for emergencies.

2. What is the company’s reputation? Great things for this specific is worked by google. Do they have problems with trying to keep appointments? Do they have an excellent security track record?

3. Where do they operate and are they close to assist? Needless to say in case you’re on vacation you will most likely want to go someplace you’ll enjoy. You not simply have to make certain they could manage near there, but which they likewise have an option to aid whether anything should happen.

4. Is the crew qualified? Do they have solid experience? How can they be medically trained? Do they’ve qualified dive masters on board? Do they seem appropriately licensed? Do they have liability insurance or perhaps some other kind of bonding which may be expected in their spot?

5. What kind of gear do they perform? best scuba diving destinations will operate a boat and also a shark cage. What size is the cage and exactly how current old might it be? What form of amenities do they provide aboard the boat? Do they have adequate wet suits to comfortably fit your party?

6. What sort of photography do they allow? Many organizations are going to handle photography for you, others can have a place where by you can take some yourself. Be sure this suits your style. If you will be choosing the water you will not only wish an underwater camera although you will probably choose to bring a colleague that will remain above and get photographs from the surface as well. Sharks have a tendency to be surface area feeders so you will get a lot of photos which are great from above.

7. What are their rates? Are their rates inexpensive and competitive by nature? I have seen prices vary from two or three hundred a day to several 1000 a day based on the scale and quality of the encounter.


They’ll know where to go and how to grab the sharks attention. When you reach your destination you should stick to any directions you’re provided with. Keep the next thunderstorm in mind as well, unexpected shifts in the weather is able to earn diving hazardous and may preclude you from being ready to go on your scheduled day.

Almost all locations are going to run through a standard training course with you in case you are intending to dive. This will discuss just how the breathing apparatus operates as well as some basic info about shark behavior. Some sites might demand you be an experienced scuba diver, therefore see to it that you obtain that beforehand and ensure that you come across the qualifications as necessary.

After you do go underwater you will remain in for an adventure very few are going to experience. But exercising some sound judgment as well. Do not poke or grab approaching sharks. After the shark is swimming beside the cage you can occasionally reach out and pet it, but be mindful and keep your feet and hands inside the cage everytime you’re unsure.

But many of all… have fun! Once you get relaxed you’ll begin having a lot more enjoyable.

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