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Selling PDFs: Do you’ve PDF file(s) you decide to sell? If you do next, this is the article for you!

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. A PDF file is a document which can’t be modified. Which implies, if you wrote anything at all in Microsoft word (or maybe any method for that matter), plus you intend to distribute your work without it being very easily modifiable by anyone, a PDF document is what you need.

In order to turn a Microsoft word document to a PDF file you need to rescue the Microsoft word file as PDF format. Simply just click the Office Button over the very top left hand corner of your respective Microsoft word screen. Then go to “Save As”, now decide to protect the file as XPS” or “PDF.

Once you let that happen, the file you saved the file as will have a “.pdf” extension.

When a file has a “.pdf” extension, it primarily means the file is currently a PDF booklet, and any time you click it to open it, the program PDF Adobe Reader will be opened up to allow you to read it. Once a file has become a PDF Document, it can’t be easily modified!

Therefore the issue is, how are you able to promote a PDF file online?

Selling Downloads: The Process

The technique of selling a PDF file online is the same as offering any other file.

(1). Try to scoot the PDF file first so it’s a “.zip” extension. This particular way, regardless of what browser customers use to download your PDF file, they are going to have zero conditions.

When customers purchase the PDF booklet of yours, a prompt will come up on their display. From that timely, they’ll prefer to download the zip file.

After the zip file continues to be downloaded and clicked upon, it’ll quickly open up and customers will manage to watch the “.pdf” document that is inside of it.

Selling PDF Downloads: What you will need to begin the process

1. Have your very own site

2. Have Unix Hosting for that internet site

3. Have A Business PayPal Account

4. A PayPal PHP Code

Selling PDF Downloads: Why is it that you need nearly all of this specific?

To offer PDF files, you want the above. But why? The causes are:
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1. You want your own site as it’s to your advantage to have 1 so you are able to transfer your PDF documents to it. This way you assure that no one gets the file of yours (either by theft or whatever), without having paid for it.

2. You need to have Unix Hosting for that website because; you have to have the ability to be able to maneuver around in it with basic commands.

3. An organization PayPal Account is necessary to process the payments made for the PDF products by customers. PayPal is going to handle the payments for you… securely!

4. The PayPal PHP Code is the powerplant which often manages the download process after PayPal has verified successful payment completion.

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