HP Wall Attach – TouchSmart Mount in addition to Complete Walls Mount Kit

From informational kiosks in public places, patient rooms and nursing stations in clinics, games which are interactive for kids at take out restaurants in the home kitchen, the HP TouchSmart all-in-one pc can be used for its touch enabled technology and unique interaction experience. With many applications, it’s desired to mount this computer to correctly place the touch screen for the user’s comfort and enjoyment. Mounting also provides extra benefits, including saving space as well as providing a level of anti theft security. Unlike a mounted television or even pc monitor, the TouchSmart’s display screen is constantly forced on by users. It is critical that the computer is suitably supported when mounted.

When looking at the way the HP TouchSmart was designed to sit down on the desk top, you are going to see that the mass on the computer system rests on three points; the two legs directly under the monitor and also the “kickstand” placed on the back of the computer. When suspending and mounting the computer, it is vital to maintain its design by supporting these 3 points.

Some other considerations when mounting the HP TouchSmart:

1. Ensure that the mount is VESA compliant. “VESA” stands for “Video Electronics Standards Association”. VESA encourages and develops relevant, open standards for display manufacturers and the display mounting industry. Utilizing a VESA compliant mount will assist with make sure your computer is mounted correctly.

2. To mount the HP TouchSmart, a VESA Mount Adapter Kit, or the like, is necessary to connect the personal computer to a VESA mount. Be sure the mount adapter does not require some modifications to be made on the pc as this may void warranty.

3. The HP TouchSmart has an external power supply, or “power brick”, like that of a printer. Consider just how this is supported as soon as the pc is mounted.

4. Do you would like to mount your HP TouchSmart to the wall? Look for bundled or perhaps total wall mount kits. Purchasing a complete wall mount kit will likely help save you time and money, as well as ensure you’ve every aspect you need to mount your computer correctly.

HP Wall Mount – Complete Wall Mount System

The ideal mounting equipment for the HP TouchSmart will include a mount adapter bracket that is VESA compliant and connects to the backside belonging to the computer system without changing the computer’s situation. TV Mounting Los Angeles will have arms which usually reach down to support the computer from underneath too. Also provided, is a device for holding the external power kit behind the screen, up and of sight.

The VESA adapter and mounting system will have the actual products required for properly attaching the HP TouchSmart to a current HP wall mount, VESA compliant wall mount or even desk mount arm. Additionally, the mount kit will include a flush wall mount bracket for customers who just would like to mount their computer to the wall like a tv, giving a full wall mounting system.

Iversal Products has created the ideal mounting equipment for the HP TouchSmart. The ICWMK-HP23 VESA Mount Adapter Kit is a total wall mount system that will accurately integrate to 23″ TouchSmart models; both the 9100 Business PC and 600 Series desktop computer. The ICWMK-HP23 provides the correct mounting interface for using with VESA compliant mounting systems getting the 100mm x 100mm mount gap design, plus offers the proper support for the laptop. If you don’t already have a VESA mount and wish to just mount the computer of yours for the wall? The ICWMK HP23 has everything you need to wall mount your HP TouchSmart.

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